Terms of use



The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. (hereafter - “TASE”) thanks you for choosing to purchase a product usage license, as defined below.

The use of the Product is subject to the terms that are set out in this agreement below and to the terms of use prescribed on TASE’s website https://info.tase.co.il/eng/about_tase/disclaimer/Pages/terms_of_service.aspx (hereafter - “the Usage Agreement” or “this Agreement”) and is conditional upon your consent to all of its terms.

By marking your approval of the terms of the Usage Agreement (“I Accept”) or by using the Product you are giving your consent to all of the terms of the Usage Agreement.

If you have given your consent as above in the name of any corporation, you are declaring that you have been duly authorized by the corporation to consent in its name to the terms of the Usage Agreement.


1. “The Product” - Information that is produced via an application programming interface system that supports a direct interface between the IT systems of the client and the data of TASE (API System), as described on the products page (respectively above and below - “the Product” “API System”).

For the purposes of this Agreement, “the Product” including any part thereof.



a.    You are purchasing a non-exclusive license for the term of this Agreement to use the Product that you have selected, as prescribed in this Agreement (hereafter - “the License” / “the Usage License”).

The License is to the usage of the product in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Other than the aforesaid License you are not granted any right in the Product and you are prohibited from making and/or allowing another to make  any other use of the Product, whether commercial or otherwise, unless explicitly stated otherwise in this Agreement.



b.      The License is not exclusive and TASE may grant additional Usage Licenses for the Product and to use it itself or through anyone acting on its behalf, in any manner that it deems fit.


c.       You are permitted to process the Product, store it and distribute it in accordance with the terms that are prescribed in this Agreement. To remove any doubt, it is hereby clarified that you are prohibited from using the Product in a manner that prevents TASE from monitoring the volume of use by you and/or by the end users, such as: copying the data in the Product or creating mirror websites for the consumption of the products and the distribution of the information[1]


d.     You are prohibited from using the Product for the purpose of creating financial instruments, including derivatives.


e.     You are prohibited from granting to another any rights in the Product or any part thereof and you are prohibited from transferring any rights in the Product to any third party, including by way of sub-licensing, assignment, transfer or otherwise.


f.      Subject to the specific terms and conditions of the Product you have purchased, you may distribute the Product or any part thereof, solely to your clients that are end users and for their internal use only.

If you are distributing the Product to clients as above, you hereby undertake to inform them of the provisions of this Agreement as regarding the use of the Product by the client, including, without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, as regarding the rights of TASE in the Product, the use options of the Product and the limited liability of TASE.


g.     The Product may only be used for legal purposes and will be used in accordance with the provisions of any law, including the directives of the competent authorities. Allowing the use of the Product for an illegal purpose or in a manner that contradicts public policy is strictly prohibited.


h.     All rights in the Product, including but without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, copyright, trade secrets, distribution rights and any other intellectual property, are and will continue to be fully owned by TASE and/or by third parties that have granted TASE rights in the Product.


i.      You hereby undertake to implement any security measures that are required to prevent access to the Product by any person that is not entitled thereto according to the terms of this Agreement.


j.       TASE may, at any time, make modifications to the Product, including to the content or structure of the Product, and to alter its presentation or to discontinue the distribution of and/or the issue of usage licenses for the Product. TASE will deliver a notice of such modifications in advance, in the manner that it shall deem fit.


k.     TASE may from time to time, at any time and for any reason, make modifications to the Usage Agreement and/or terminate the Agreement and cancel the License issued thereunder, provided that it delivers a notice thereof in advance, in the manner that it deems fit, within a time frame that is reasonable under the circumstances.

The binding version of the Usage Agreement is the most recent version published by TASE, and shall apply both to products that you have selected upon registering as a client and to products that you may select in the future.


l.      If for technical reasons or for any other reason information in excess of that included in the Product is delivered to you, you hereby undertake not to make any use of such information and to inform TASE thereof immediately upon learning of the delivery such information.


m.    TASE will deliver the information that is included in the Product on the relevant dates, based on the nature of the Product, unless its delivery is impeded by force majeure, malfunction or disruption resulting from infrastructure and/or interrupted communication and/or strikes and/or shutdowns and/or other factors over which TASE has no control and that preclude the delivery of all or part of the information that is included in the Product.

In the event of such disruption, TASE will make reasonable efforts, to the extent that is within its control, to resume the regular delivery of the information as early as possible under the circumstances.

TASE maintains the right to collect, whether on its own or through others acting on its behalf, various data relating to the use of the Product, including data relating to the use of the Product by you or your clients, for statistical purposes and/or for the improvement or maintenance of the Product, this while maintaining your privacy, subject to the provisions of the law. Without prejudice to the aforesaid, the use of such information will be made in accordance with TASE’s privacy policy https://info.tase.co.il/eng/about_tase/disclaimer/pages/privacy_policy.aspx


[1] If you wish to distribute the Product other than through the API System, you are required to contact TASE in order to establish agreements as to the manner of distribution and the requisite payment, based on TASE’s pricelist.