API Products

The Basic Indices product includes information about TASE indices. The product can also be used as a reference table for the API products in the TASE Data Hub. In the product you can find a list of securities included in each TASE index. The product is offered at no cost. For more information: https://api.digitalim.co.il/en/products/basic-indices/
The Market Announcements feed enables quick and easy access to disclosures and announcements of TASE listed companies, and TASE notices, all from [the] TASE MAYA announcement system. This product includes: priority disclosures, Hebrew and English company reports (dual companies and companies that opted for English reporting), TASE notices, general assembly dates and expected dates of financial reports publication. For more information: https://api.digitalim.co.il/en/products/maya-reports/
The Index Parameters product allows convenient and efficient access to parameter data for calculating expected changes in index composition and weights in indices published by TASE. The product allows direct and fast connection to the data immediately after its publication by the TASE, every day during the trading day. For more information: https://api.digitalim.co.il/en/products/tase-indices-weigth-and-parameters/
In this product, data on the public holdings in TASE indices through ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and mutual tracking funds can be found. The product is intended, among othersfor ETF and mutual tracking funds managers who wish to monitor the development of the public's level of interest in TASE indices for the purpose of launching new products and preparing for updates in the indices’ composition.
In the Public Offerings product, you can find all the open and future listings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
The product allows direct and fast connection to the public offerings schedule as well as tracking of the offerings.
The information will allow investors to receive direct notification of any update to the real-time and upcoming offerings schedule.
The product is updated throughout the trading day, Israel time.
Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule:
The Basic Securities product includes all the basic data on the securities traded on the TASE. The product can also be used as a reference table for the API products in the TASE Data Hub. In the product you can find a list of securities traded on the TASE, their classification into indices, types of securities, the list of companies traded on the TASE and the list of securities delisted from trading. For more information: https://api.digitalim.co.il/en/products/securities-basic/
This interface displays the shorts sales balances for all securities traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
The product is updated once a week on Tuesday and published on Monday Data on short sales displayed on this page is based only on data that was relayed to the TASE by TASE members.
This data has not been checked or audited by TASE.
The TASE does not guarantee that the information includes the short sales balances of all TASE members, and/or that the information will always be up-to-date and will represent all short sales data.
The TASE is not responsible for any error or inaccuracy in the displayed information.
The TASE End-of-Day Indices product provides users index rates for all TASE calculated indices. In this product, you can view via API daily and historical data of all TASE indices: high and low daily values, opening value and closing value. For more information: https://api.digitalim.co.il/en/products/market-announcements-feed/
The TASE End of Day Securities Trading Data product makes data available on all securities traded on the TASE through an API. In this product, you can get daily and historical data of all the securities on the TASE: daily high and low price, opening price, closing price, monthly and annual returns, and Turnover. For more information: https://api.digitalim.co.il/en/products/tase-end-of-day-securities-trading-data/
TASE Indices Online- * The TASE Indices Online product displays the prices
of the indices traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. With this information
you can follow the indices and market trends. * Data publication times:
Publication of the data in the API will begin from the time Spider messages
are sent to the systems and until 19:00