Parameters and Weights for Calculating TASE Indices

The product allows convenient and efficient access to parameter data for calculating expected changes in index composition and weights in indices published by TASE. The product allows direct and fast connection to the data immediately after its publication by the TASE, every day during the trading day. In this product you can find the following data sets: • Expected changes in IANS (Index Adjusted Number of Shares) and public holdings • Updated capital listed for trading • Expected changes in weight factor • Updated composition of indices and constituent weights • In the future: weighted redemption date for bonds


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372.06 ILS (incl. VAT) per month (83.5 USD ex. VAT)
Internal Use Only
1113.84 ILS (incl. VAT) per month (250 USD ex. VAT)
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2290.86 ILS (incl. VAT) per month (500 USD ex. VAT)

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