About TASE Data Hub

The information packages are designed for the different needs of TASE's assorted customers, both domestic and international: institutional bodies, public companies, back and middle offices, app and information system developers, traders, investors and anyone interested in obtaining simply integrated information from the TASE.

Using the information available in the system, you can, among other things, create trading strategies and models, manage investment products more efficiently, and more.

For programmers, connecting to the system is a short and simple process that involves only four steps:


       1. Setting up an account with one of TASE’s API business partners

       2. Selection of an API package

       3. Connecting to the system and creating a personal token

      4. Using permissions and connecting to the production environment in order to retrieve data from the TASE API.


Use of data through the system is subject to registration.  Some data products will require a fee, and this is dependent  on the scope and type of data requested.

Customers will obtain information through TASE data vendors (business partners). TASE members, data vendors and public companies will be able to get the information directly from the TASE. In the future, all users will be able to connect directly to the TASE.

Providing easy access to diverse sets of data is a necessary step for advancing and improving the capital market, and has been one of the TASE's strategic objectives in recent years. Faster and more convenient information allows investors to make better investment decisions, and makes a better marketplace.

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TASE Trading Schedule

Trading hours on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are conducted Sunday through Thursday.

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